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     The new IQ Soft-touch, In-bay Automatic, is yet another innovation from D&S Car Wash Equipment Company. The state-of-the-art 3D profiling and mapping system is the first of its kind in the industry. A three-dimensional scan captures each vehicle’s unique shape while “mapping” details like the luggage rack and spoilers. This technology provides a custom wash for everything from MINI Coopers, to Duallys, to full-sized pickup trucks. Thus, the “3D” scan produces a smarter, more efficient and safer wash! Lightweight and nimble, this machine delivers on performance while consuming less power, water and chemicals than other friction automatics on the market.
Introducing the new, powerful i5000! It is the latest innovation in a long history of industry firsts from D&S Car Wash Equipment Company. The i5000 is designed with proven technology adapted from the high performance “Quicksilver” and the industry workhorse, “D&S 5000”. The i5000 offers greater flexibility of recipes; it has fewer moving parts which result in less maintenance; and it is more energy efficient due to its lightweight construction.

Quick. Reliable. Appealing. We’ve built a system that takes clean to a higher level. The all-new Quicksilver Touch-free. A revolutionary vehicle wash system that offers imaginative design and a fully customizable wash process. State-of-the-art vehicle sizing. Oscillating Top Nozzles. Power Blaster enhanced. 20 or 35 gpm chemical injection pumping system. On-board 2hp hydraulic system. Simple laptop PC control and available options like on-board Dryers, TriGloss multi-color foam and Quickrain surface protectant make operating the wash as much of an experience as the wash itself.

The new IQ Touch-free features intelligent, 3D profiling technology to provide a custom wash for every vehicle.  The ability to completely scan and map out the vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ Touch Free revolutionary and unique. This approach to cleaning enables the IQ Touch Free to identify important areas of the vehicle (windshield, front grill, back glass, etc.) to customize each wash for optimal cleaning with minimum power, water and chemical consumption. The IQ Touch Free is precisely controlled by proprietary software and electric driven motors with VFD’s. High impact turbo nozzles effectively clean the vehicle with less volume of water. Packed with features and options to enhance customer appeal and increase your average dollar per car, the IQ Touch Free will cost less to operate and help you achieve a healthier bottom line. 
All D&S equipment is developed and manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri.

921 Shadow Drive Ste 7 
Lakeland Fl 33809